Thursday, April 13, 2006


How about a moon shot?

Please forgive me for uploading all these pictures. I've been quite busy and haven't had enough time to put some thought into a post or two. I'm planning on painting the deck, soon, so had to remove my rocks and plants. I received my rose bushes and had to plant them. I sure hope they make it. I thought it would rain last night so didn't water them enough. I forgot about watering them, tonight, until just now. Perhaps, I'll be able to water them, tomorrow.

Bush came through Missouri, yesterday, and the papers have a picture of him schmoozing with some woman. They're laughing and she's leaning against him. Oh, ick! I think I have to go vomit. On the inside of the paper, they have an article about some of the protestors. There were a couple of them holding up a banner reading, "Stop Killing", along the highway. A man in a truck yelled, "Get a job!" at them. Now, why does he think they don't have jobs? I would think that plenty of people took off from their jobs to show their displeasure or pleasure of Bush visiting their state. I'm sure he wouldn't yell, "Get a job!", at the folks that were all, "Rah Rah Bush!"

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