Sunday, April 23, 2006


It's a fantastic morning.

Rocky Girl came in and said, "Mom, you really need to get up. We want treats."
I guess it really was time to get up. Yesterday, I neglected to get the mail, so walked up the path in the nice cool (after small spring shower) air, and picked up the two items sitting in the mailbox. As I came back, I was very pleased to see that my newly stained deck had repelled the rain.
Logging on, I see that the price of making a penny has gone up.
This week the cost of the metals in a penny rose above 0.8 cents, more than twice the value of last fall. Because the government spends at least another six-tenths of a cent — above and beyond the cost of the metal — to make each penny, it will lose nearly half a cent on each new one it mints.
Now, that is too bad. Do you know how many people throw pennies down on the ground? I like to pick up pennies, when I see them (I don't care if they're head's up or not). I always remember that 5 pennies make a nickel, ten pennies make a dime, and so on. Speaking of larger change, I found and picked up two quarters in the last week. Heh! It made me happy.
Speaking of happy, I had enough time to get to church. Landover Baptist Church, that is. One of their kind souls went to the movies to give us their movie review and thoughts of: The Bible Doesn't Mention Any "Ice Age," So Shut Up About It!
...Most Pastors agree that if Christian parents would take their children out of public schools and invest their money in providing a sound Biblical education at a private Baptist School, it would solve most of the world's problems. "Kids won't even want to watch movies like 'Ice Age,'" says Pastor Deacon Fred. "There are so many more interesting stories in the Bible, and they are ALL true!" In most True Christian® schools, like Dr. Jerry Falwell's Liberty University, in Lynchburg, VA, they monitor, edit, and approve the movies that students are allowed to watch...
Well, there it is. The answer to the worlds problems! Now, we know. Praise Jebus! Glory Hallelujah!

There was also an article about body piercing Regarding the Ads For Body Piercing on Our Church Web Site. That was fun! Especially the part about skateboarders.

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