Saturday, April 01, 2006


Sign of the times

After taking stock on what my life has degenerated into, since I picked out this blog, I realized I haven't been spending enough time with my family, my pets, my home, etc. I've realized that I've not allowed the TV to sell me all the good thoughts of America - you know, how we have saved Iraq from an evil tyrant, and how they are on the road to Democracy and thank God and Allah that we (US) were the Iraqis' saviors. I've narrowed the time wasting down to one thing... the computer. At this time, I'm selling my trusty computer to the kids next door. I've cancelled my Internet access, and I've just ordered cable TV. The cable guy got it all hooked up, already, this morning. My gosh, those people know their stuff...of course, for $135. a month (the premium package - I don't want to miss out on all that I've been missing out), they really should know how to get the movies shooting through the airwaves. So, I love you all, and I love all the wonderful blogs, but I'll be following Queen's advice: Turn on the TV let it drip right down in your eyes and maybe, when I'm at the library, I'll stop at the blogosphere and say "Hello."

Happy April Fools' Day!
Did anyone believe me... even for a minute?

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