Saturday, April 29, 2006


Stop signs are there for a reason!

My walking/jogging friend is out of commission. She was driving to work one day, last week, when another driver decided to run a stop sign. The other driver's car was stopped by my friend's car. My friend was admitted to the hospital for several broken bones, cracked ribs and sternum. She was very lucky she didn't have worse. So far, she's had surgery on her toe and kneecap. Once the swelling of her ankle goes down, it will have to be repaired. She said the doctors said she should be able to jog again, many months down the road. She's pretty upbeat about the whole thing, even though her summer (and vacation) plans had to be changed. She said that the doctors found some other things, during all the scanning for injuries, that she would not have known about, that later, she can have her medical doctor review and advise. I took several pictures so that she can put them in her photo album to look at, once healed.

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