Wednesday, April 26, 2006


This is your brain on drugs

From (Associated Press: Entertainment) Police Arrest Nude Man Stuck in Chimney. The guy was arrested on suspicion of drug usage.
And then, From News of the Weird:
Inexplicable: Phillip Williams, 47, for some reason approached two uniformed police officers in Tampa, Fla., in March to ask their opinions of whether the substance he had just purchased for the crack pipe he was holding was indeed cocaine. After examining the pipe, the officers suspended their then-current investigation of a burglary and put the cuffs on Williams. The month before, in Orlando, Michael Garibay, 34, approached a sheriff's deputy in a marked patrol car and asked him if he was "straight," which, as Garibay proceeded to explain to the befuddled officer, meant, "Do you want to buy cocaine?" After Garibay pulled out a baggie of white rocks, he was arrested. [Tampa Tribune, 3-22-06] [Orlando Sentinel, 2-3-06]

Recurring Themes: In March, Gary Brunner became the latest person to go to a police station and ask naively if there were any warrants on him, only to find the answer to be yes and that he was under arrest (for drug possession, Carmel, N.Y.). And Bryan Palmer, 21, and Peggy Casey, 31, were interviewed by police investigating a burglary in South Windsor, Conn., in March, but were released. Detectives changed their minds, though, and were futilely searching for them when the pair showed up at the police station to innocently ask how the investigation was going. [Journal News (White Plains, N.Y.), 3-16-06] [Manchester Journal Inquirer, 3-13-06
More reasons not to do drugs. I often think that if the potential users read all the stupid things done by drug users, they might change their mind about taking that dose. Then, I remember that most people "think" they're smarter and, even under the influence, would never be so stupid. We'll be reading about their exploits in the paper.

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