Sunday, April 16, 2006


When pigs come home to roost

My sister came home one day, to find a pot bellied pig hanging around her chicken yard. It was a thin pig, and acted like it wanted to stay. She let it. The neighbor boys came over asking if she had seen a pig. She let them take the pig back. It reappeared the next day. When the neighbor boys came to get it, this time, they said they fixed the pen so it won't be back, but if it did, she could keep it.

Speaking of pigs, in the Read it and Veep Dept., Mad Magazine #465, May 2006, has an entry called, A Day in the Life of Dick Cheney. It's quite amusing. The main themes being his evilness and his health. In the 10:57 P.M. slot, Finally get around to updating "Friends" section on The little balloon has Cheney saying, "Let's see, better git rid of Libby and --oh Cripes, Abramoff's on there, too! Delete! Delete!"
Now, something that's quite strange, The Fat Lady Sings has a post, White House Secrets Revealed, which tells us strange bits of information about this administration. At the end, TFLS asks, "So – what do you think? Fact or fiction?" I'm going with FACT.

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