Saturday, April 01, 2006


Why I'm Thankful

My camera didn't break.
My glasses stayed on my face.
No bones were broken.
The mailbox could be moved back into place.
No cars were coming.
I could get back up and onto the horse.
I wasn't wearing my favorite jeans.
The rein burn wasn't so bad I had to let the horse go.
I have a blog I can complain to.
I have nice readers who sympathize, instead of telling me it was my own fault.
As for you, dear readers, you can be thankful I didn't post pictures of my wounds.

So, it was Coggin's Clinic today. I made it over to my sister's place in one piece. I didn't ride my usual horse, instead, I rode the neighbor's horse, "The Babysitter." That name was given to her in a joking manner because the horse didn't run much, didn't go very fast, either, until the neighbor asked my sister to keep the horse for her, while her husband was in hospital. My sister rode the horse, making the horse work. That horse is now much like sis's horses... raring to go, ready to run, happy to be ridden. The farrier brought his son to help ride horses, since there were four that needed to go. There was a lot of traffic on that gravel road, but we got to the clinic in great shape. The horses were trotting/galloping/walking.

On the way back, sis and the son were galloping, I held my horse back for a bit, then let her go. She decided to go into the field and gallop alongside the road, which was fine, until we came upon a muddy ditch... and a mailbox. I didn't give her the right command so she was unsure which way to go. We ended up galloping past the mailbox, but my leg was in the way. Whack! Off I flew.. onto the gravel road. I held onto the rein and she stopped. I lay there a minute or two, finally getting up to determine what damage was done to my body. Elbows, knees, and right hip were scraped and bruised, left hand rein burn, broken fingernail, and small scratches to my hands. I'm pretty sure the horse didn't touch the mailbox, but the impact from my knee turned it off it's base. They moved it back into place. I got back onto my horse and we made it back to sis's house, with no further damage.

The farrier has ridden with us on the trail ride we like to participate in, each year. One year, I was riding Millie (the larger of the two sister horses) and I fell off as she jumped a creek bed. About my misadventure, he commented, "That's twice!" I can't blame the horses - they didn't throw me. I fell off. How sad is that? I hope your day was less eventful.

Two little horses at the clinic. My sister said one is a Corsican. I have no idea which. I could google it, I guess.

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