Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Always good to know.

What a fun blog post, found at I Blame the Patriarchy.
Fizzy Blankity-Blanc In A Can - Plus: porn addles male brains!
According to the study, so-called “high-testosterone” men, so determined by the length of their ring fingers (yeah, that’s not what I would have measured, either), go absolutely to pieces over two-dimensional images of women* capitulating to the sexbot mandate, to the extent that the aforementioned dudes will stop driving “hard bargains” and accept crummier deals when in the presence of porn. The same result obtains even when they have so much as handled a bra.
Well, alright, then! So, if I want to sell my car (so I can buy a new one), I know to wear skimpy clothes when showing the car to a “high-testosterone” guy.

When these same men view pictures of old women, surprise, they are not affected in the slightest.
Well, ain't that a pisser! No new car for me.

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