Saturday, May 13, 2006



Cop Accused of Taser Mishap at Roll Call
Hmmm... maybe I won't get a taser, after all. I would worry about tasering myself, then accidentally do it.

Cops Lose $31K After Tossing Broken Desk
I wonder which landfill? Remember the movie, It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World? There was a later movie, Rat Race, that was quite similar. They both had people in a race for the fortune. Here, people could pay for entry tickets to the landfill. The person who finds the money could get half. The cops could get the other half, and the landfill owner gets the ticket money. (I know they said there's no way to get to it because of being buried under tons of super compacted garbage, even using equipment, but I think people can figure out a way). What a great idea, even if I have to say it, myself:)

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