Sunday, May 14, 2006


SNL, last night!

Season 31 Episode 1449
JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS / PAUL SIMON 11:29/10:29pm 5/13/06

had some very funny stuff. One skit had to do with adults learning to use The instructor was telling them to put their first name and year of birth as their User name. That way, other people on would be able to know if they were male or female, and how old. Of course, when he went around looking at what the students wrote, most of the men used younger ages, and sometimes, different names. Then.... a policeman came in. All but one man hurried out, one saying he left his lights on. The one still in the room, used a potted plant to cover his face. The policeman only wanted to know where the room was that he was giving a seminar (it was down the hall).

Another skit I enjoyed, was the one explaining that there are other earths out there, and they picked one to see how it was doing. It had Al Gore as president. Everything there was way cool. He was giving a SOU Address to the people. He was saying that everybody loved the USA, that Afghanistan is the number one choice for people to go to during spring break, there was no deficit, in fact, the excess was being saved in case there were hurricanes or flooding which would cause states to need financial help. (If only!)

During Weekend Update, Tina Fey's grandad called Medicare to get enrolled in a pharmacy plan. It was so realistic! The guy called Medicare, and had a difficult time following the prompts on the phone. (It was one of those voice recognition things. He made a clearing of the throat noise, then talked. The voice told him it sounded like he said, "*throat clearing noise*" and that was not recognized, yet when he mumbled very softly, sort of...the voice told him it sounded like he said, "son of a bitch.") He was told to get his pharmacy and as he was pulling his many bottles out of the drawer, he got flustered and hung up the phone. She told him to call them, again, and she would check back later. He did get the recording on the phone again, and at the end, he thought he had enrolled, but the phone told him he bought a bunch of tickets for some concert.

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