Saturday, June 17, 2006


Cat records

It's been a hell of a day, already. Last night, I worked 8 hours at the parttime job. It was hard getting up this morning, but I had to take someone's dog to the vet & Lady Fortuna had to get her shots.

I was thinking of getting a specific cute cute cute kitten from the Humane Society. I called them and they said I needed to show proof of rabies shot. Well, for some reason, I was thinking they only needed Lady Fortuna's. So, she got her shots, I dropped the dog and it's owner off at their place, then went to the Humane Society. I took Lady Fortuna in because I didn't want her sitting in the car, all alone for who-knows-how-much time. I made sure the kitten was still available, then I filled out the application form. Sure, I had filled one out for Lady Fortuna, but they had to have another for the new year.

When the young lady interviewed me, she asked for the shot records on the other cats, too. I didn't realize they were needed so didn't have them with me. She said, "no problem, I'll call the vet."

She came back and advised me that the vet didn't have Sgt Mango's shots updated, in fact, it sounded as if the vet didn't even have a record of him. She said I could have the vet fax them, or if I could find the records, at home - ha ha - bring them in. Adoption denied! and they cannot hold the kitten, which I well understand. Lady Fortuna and I got back into the car and came home. She danced out of the cat carrier while I looked through my kitty paperwork. I found where I had taken Sgt Mango to the vet, but it was for his eye. Saddie and Cotton had gotten shots that time. Sgt Mango had gotten shots sometime earlier under the other name, and he's overdue... I guess I'll get Sgt Mango's shots and if the kitten hasn't been adopted, I can try again... maybe. I certainly don't need another cat.

Lesson learned, if anyone is thinking about adopting a pet, and they have pets at home, make sure their pets have up-to-date shot records, and bring those along.

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