Saturday, June 24, 2006


Good morning

Over at, Lewis (the cat) has 4337 friends.
Well, that hellish week is about over. The boss was on vacation so we all chipped in to help. I closed (actully, there were two of us closing each night) several nights which meant not getting home until the wee hours. Last night was pretty horrible. It was one lady's last day, but she called in. The work just kept multiplying. The day people can leave on time, but we (the evening peons) can't just leave when it's time to go. We have to have all the requisitions, received for the day, typed in. We were lucky the boss's boss came in and helped, otherwise, we would have been a couple hours later leaving. I'm pooped and my fingers are tired from all that typing.
We were walking, yesterday, at break, when we noticed there were a lot of antennae balls in the parking lots. My friend had his camera phone and I had my camera, so we started snapping pictures. This picture shows three balls. The three cars were all sitting together. The other two are closer to the tree. Click on the picture for better viewing:) I should get one of these for my sister.

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