Tuesday, June 13, 2006



After reading that Rove Won't Be Charged in CIA Leak Case,
...At the White House, Rove was all smiles, as he usually is, as he carried out his normal routine...
I'm thinking that his normal routine consists of making nasty plans and thinking up dirty tricks.

I had to go look for some good news.
Remember the deer attacks? Here is a story about Bird Goes on the Attack in Ohio. That wasn't enough. I had to go visit News of the Weird
In the More Things to Worry About category,
(1) Spokane, Wash., dentist Henry G. Kolsrud, 82, decided to give up his license in May rather than face punishment for having an unsanitary office; among the charges: that he kept cat food in the office refrigerator with dental supplies, and that he scooped up cat vomit around the office with dental spatulas. [Washington Post-AP, 5-16-06]
I wonder if he washed the dental spatulas off, afterward?
In the Can't Possibly be True category
In May, a judge in Edmonton, Alberta, ordered Shee Theng, 30, to serve a nine-month community-control sentence for partially scalping his then-girlfriend by attempting to "style" her hair with a power drill, a technique he said he learned about on a TV infomercial. Theng admitted that he knew it was a bad idea because he had previously screwed up his own hair trying it out. [Edmonton Sun, 5-11-06]
I guess he figured the ole "try, try again" routine would work.

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