Saturday, July 01, 2006



Mr. Rabbit, would you like to take a tour of Graceland with the president?
Ms. Squirrel, would you like to have a drink with the president?

I can't understand it. If I read these creatures' body language correctly, neither want anything to do with the current president.

I work with a 20 y/o some days and a 21 y/o on other days. I doubt they know each other, and if they do, not very well. The 20 y/o told me that she loves George Bush. She thinks he is hot for an older guy.

I noticed on the 21 y/o's blog that she would like to meet George Bush. She thinks that would be cool.

Listening to the news the other day about Graceland and the goings on there, they talked to some stupid woman who was gurgling on about how cool Elvis was, and how cool the president is and how she couldn't pronounce Koizumi's name, but he must be pretty cool, too. What the hell???

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