Sunday, July 23, 2006


Guess what time it is?

Of course, no Sunday is complete without words of wisdom from Landover Baptist Church. Today's selection is Dating Tips for Christian Men. When you get to No. 2., there is the link entitled, Click here. Yes, it's quite a link. The actual title for that page is Pastor Orders Christian Men to Think Only about Jesus while Masturbating. Here's a sample of the suggestions found on the page.
...Specially made Tupperware seed-containers will be signed out of his office by Mrs. Watkins who will be keeping a record to guard against overuse. The sinner must catch his mistake in his numbered container before it reaches the ground. All containers are to be returned to Mrs. Watkins within one hour of check-out...
If you read my post below and clicked on the link, you'd know why I wonder if Jesus' General belongs to Landover Baptist Church.

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