Sunday, July 02, 2006


Headlines from yesterday.

This story is upsetting because the sonar seems to interfere with the marine creatures' own navigational equipment.
..."The Navy will continue to employ stringent mitigation measures to protect marine mammals during all sonar activities, to include habitat controls, safety zones around ships, trained lookouts, extra precautions during chokepoint exercises, in coordination with National Marine Fisheries Service," said Rear Adm. James Symonds, director of environmental readiness...
Mistakes happen. Accidents happen. Here are two articles, from earlier in the year, concerning dolphins dying:
Submarine Sonar Suspected in Mystery Death of 400 Dolphins

Scores of dolphins dying on Georgian Black Sea coast (Interfax)

BAGHDAD MARKET CAR BOMB KILLS 62 Too many articles, such as this, have been published in the last several years. Too many lives have been (and continue to be) lost in Iraq.

Offshore drilling plan OKd in House
... The House approved a bill Thursday that could dramatically boost offshore drilling across the nation by offering coastal states a huge slice of billions of dollars in federal royalties if they allow oil and gas rigs off their shores...

...But Democrats, in turn, accused the bill's sponsors of crafting a massive giveaway of federal money that will primarily benefit four coastal states that already produce oil and gas offshore -- Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama...

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