Wednesday, July 12, 2006


How long did it take to figure this out.

Halliburton to lose exclusive Army deal
The Army is discontinuing a controversial multibillion-dollar deal with oil services giant Halliburton for logistical support to U.S. troops worldwide, a decision that could cut deeply into the firm's dominance of government contracting in Iraq...

...Government audits turned up more than $1 billion in questionable costs. Whistle-blowers told how the company charged $45 per case of soda, double-billed on meals and allowed troops to bathe in contaminated water...

...King agreed Tuesday. "Halliburton has done an outstanding job, under the circumstances," he said. But he added that Pentagon leaders ultimately decided they did not want to have "all our eggs in one basket" because multiple contractors will give them better prices, more accountability and greater protection if one contractor fails to perform...
Well, they shouldn't be sad if they don't manage to be one of the three companies chosen this fall. They've made a pretty penny off the govt... and ultimately, the taxpayers.


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