Saturday, July 08, 2006


Pictures of the day.

My sister invited me over to ride horses. As you can see, the horses were thrilled.The hen and chicks did not go riding with us. They stayed in the yard and carried on doing what chickens do.We had the opportunity to go on a big cat hunt. The orange cat had to be thrown back as she was not big enough. The tabby was just right, weighing in at 17 lbs. My cat, Sgt Mango Goldstein, doesn't weigh as much, but he's also missing part of his tail.

I'm sure glad I got my fishing license. I watched and took pictures while my sister called and fed the fish. There were Koi, Goldfish, baby Bass and baby Bluegill. When she built the pond, there were no fish in it. I knew she put the koi and goldfish in. I asked if she populated it with the wild fish. She explained that the bass and bluegill arrived as fish eggs on a blue heron's legs. I never thought about it, but what a great way for nature to send fish to ponds that need fish!

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