Tuesday, July 11, 2006



Steve Bates, The Yellow Doggeral Democrat, has an article showing how ridiculous, irritating, and frustrating, those who make regulations can be. They Fought The Law
...The authority, saying that it wants to improve school attendance and the academic performance of children who live in public housing, made the proposal at a meeting in April and discussed it again last month. Under the plan, families would be evicted after a child had 10 unexcused absences.
Most people think of themselves first. Same with children. They really don't take time to think out the ramifications should they decide to skip school. (I remember back years and years ago, when one of my friends and I decided to ditch school (I didn't skip a lot, but this one still burns in my mind). We took off across the school yard and went uptown where the stores were. We hung out for a couple hours then went back to school, our forged notes, testifying to doctor appointments, in our hands. (Un?)Luckily for us, we weren't real bright. When we left school grounds, we ran right past the principal's office. BUSTED!) I realize 10 times absent seems a lot, but really, to a kid, it's not. Some families have more than one child. If one is truant and another isn't, would the family still be evicted? This idea to evict the family, if a child was truant 10 times, is a punishment to create hardship for the whole family.

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