Saturday, August 05, 2006


Dirty Laundry

I'm sorry for being slow to comment and post. It's been a hectic week. One of my co-workers was asking me how much I had worked at the p-t job. After calculating it all, she said, "Counting last Saturday, and the week, you've worked between 70-75 hours between both jobs." Considering the heat, and bad choices (doing other things besides sleeping), along with work hours...No wonder I feel tired! I work with great people in both jobs. The personalities really make the work place easier, I think. I have two stories, from co-workers, to share. Just for fun. And anyway, they won't see the blog until next Friday, for cat blogging, so they'll never know, right?

Friend1 was telling us about recent weekend. Her washer quit working so she loaded up her basket and went out to the car. She was going to go to her parents' house to do laundry. She opened the trunk and her son's fishing poles were in there. So, she pulled them out and took them to the garage. She called her three dogs and opened the doors for them to get in. She hopped into her car and reversed. She heard a thumpa but didn't know what it was. She couldn't think of any reason for the noise. She pulled forward and heard it again. It was a very light noise, so she didn't get out of the car and investigate, instead, drove on over to her parents' house.

When she got there, she let the dogs out and then went to the trunk to get her clothes. The trunk was empty. She couldn't figure out what she had done with the clothes, but then remembered the thunka noises. She had backed into the basket and then when she went forward, it must have released the basket. She worried that her clothes were strewn all over the drive. When she got home, she found the basket had been moved, but - luckily, the clothes were still in it, the same way she had packed them. Her son had come home, but hadn't brought the clothes in. He didn't know why they were out there, so left them be.

Friend2 said something clogged her garbage disposal. She stuck her hand in the disposal and felt something... something like a dead mouse. She didn't want to touch it any further, so called a garbage disposal fixer. When he arrived, she showed him the disposal and then went into another room, as she was creeped out by the idea of a dead mouse in the machine.

The guy messed around with it and got it working. He showed her what had clogged it. It was a pair of her undies. One of her favorite pairs, in fact. She said she was soooo embarrassed. She remembered that she had gone somewhere and gotten all muddy. When she got home, she undressed and stuck everything in the sink, to rinse it out. She didn't realize the underwear had fallen into the disposal.

Just the thought of the fixerman telling his fixerbuddies, "Hey fellas, guess what I found down a garbage disposal?" had us laughing like hyenas. Good stories! Do you have any funny laundry stories to tell? If so, please, add it to the comment section.

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