Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Kickin' back, stayin' cool.

When I check out what AOL has to offer, I find some interesting articles, now and then. Here is one that suggests we spice up our food to keep cooler.
Hot Foods that keep you cool.
I thought to myself, "cooler, I wouldn't mind being cooler, and if I can be cooler by stuffing my face, woo doggies, that's for me!"
...Yes, it's true. Because sweat helps your body cool itself down, eating spicy foods that make your brow drip with perspiration can be a good thing. So, incorporate some foods into your summer diet that pack a punch to keep your meals interesting and liven your palate...
Ha! Now, don't get me wrong, I love hot peppers. I love garlic. Spice is nice! However, sometimes, when it's so danged hot that you want to eat watermelon or ice cream, peppers just won't do the trick. Anyway, since I still haven't located my window air conditioner unit, I've been sweating enough water to take a shower!

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