Saturday, August 05, 2006


Minimum wage

When I heard that the minimum wage and the estate tax bill had been shot down, I was happy they didn't get the amount of votes needed to move it forward. The minimum wage is such an important matter that it should be decided by itself. To add the estate tax onto it, shows that poor people don't matter to these rich bitches in Washington. If they want the estate tax to be voted on, put it in a bill by itself. Same with the minimum wage. I am guessing that certain parties don't want to increase the minimum wage. They wanted that estate tax, though, by golly. That would help THEM! Screw the poor!
Senators split on estate tax, minimum wage vote
...“I seriously doubt that the current congressional leadership will allow a stand-alone minimum wage bill,” said Rich Huddleston, executive director of Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families....

...“Really what they are attempting to do is satisfy the super-rich and remove their taxes,” Nickels said.

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