Sunday, August 13, 2006


My Very Excellent Mother Just Sent Us Nine Pizzas

Kansan’s find faces celestial status loss
...Driven largely by controversy over the status of Pluto, which doesn’t share several key attributes of the solar system’s eight other planets, the resolution could mean Pluto’s dismissal from that select group....

...Virtually since its discovery, questions have dogged Pluto. It just wasn’t like the other planets: Too small. Erratic orbit. Not enough of a rocky center....

...The arguments for keeping Pluto as a planet: It is a large, round object that orbits the sun. It has an atmosphere. It has moons....

While Pluto might not be my favorite planet, I hope it gets to stay as one of our planets. Just think, if they demote Pluto, we'll only have eight planets. This cool website: The Nine Planets, and many others would have to change their names and/or their contents. The title of my post would have to change - see this page:
The Planets for reference. My Very Excellent Mother Just Sent Us ? Nothing??? I like having nine planets, dammit!

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