Sunday, August 20, 2006


Sky tonite.

I cut back the honeysuckle and some other plants that had gone to seed. I could wait until trash pickup day when it could be picked up and taken to the mulch site, or I could take it to the mulch site. I loaded three large overfilled bags into my car. As I was driving, I noticed a small grasshopper. It jumped out the open window. I noticed a grass spider crawling around on the door at the top of my head, so leaned closer to the bag sitting in the passenger seat. Shortly, the spider disappeared. A small flying insect was buzzing around some of the limbs in the front seat. I was happy to get to the site. I emptied the bags and moved the car to the parking lot (there's a trail nearby). As I was heading toward the trail, I saw the sky and figured it would make a cool picture.

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