Sunday, August 06, 2006


Sunday nonchurch blogging

Remember in the Friday cat blogging post, where Grey Feather was startled by something?

The people, who guessed, forgot that Missouri is the land of 9,999 lakes and waterways. If they had remembered, I am sure they would have guessed the answer. It was a houseboat. Here's Grey Feather, finding joy in having a houseboat.

I took her (the houseboat) out today for the maiden voyage. Whew! It was a great day. There was one other boat on the lake, but lots of fisherpeople. The quiet (besides the noise from the shooting range, nearby) was wonderful. The ripples, on the lake, caused the kayak to drift at a goodly pace. It was everything I'd thought it would be! Fantastic!

Next weekend, a trip to my sister's pond:) If I keep kayaking, I'm going to build up those upper arm muscles, for sure!

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