Sunday, August 20, 2006


Time for church.

Feds Won't Raid Church for Immigrant
Immigration enforcement officers do not plan to enter a church where a single mother sought sanctuary rather than submit to deportation to Mexico, a government official said Friday...

...Arellano has been living in the church since Tuesday, when she was supposed to surrender to authorities for deportation...
She doesn't have to go to church, she's already there. Her son is an American citizen, but she is an illegal alien. They want to deport her. I wonder what they plan for her seven year old son?

This story reminds me of a story heard on NPR, Pennsylvania Town Takes Stand Against Immigrants, last week. Giving them jobs and renting to them will win the employer or landlord a huge fine. (Some of the legal aliens are feeling a racial hate backlash from other town residents.) I felt it was going overboard. Where the hell are they supposed to live? Sure... go back to where they came from. I know a lot of people say, "they need to go through the channels and become citizens if they want to live here."

A friend married a lady from overseas. She went home for a visit, and now, they've been waiting almost a year for the paperwork to finalize for her to come back (NPR has had stories of people waiting five or more years to come back to their families). They've done everything required of them. He's called the numbers given to him, but cannot get a real person on the phone. He said he's going to have to drive to the closest office, now, and see if he can get them moving on it.

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