Saturday, November 18, 2006


Lemons - and I'm tired of lemonade

Thursday morning, I noticed water leaking from the bottom of my trailer. I called the guy that used to live here and asked if he could replace the water heater. He said he could do so on Friday. I got home Thursday night and noticed the water was spraying from the copper tubing that led out of the water heater. I figured that meant I didn't need a new water heater, just a new floor in that area. I shut the main water valve. This guy says I probably should get a new water heater, anyway.

Once the water heater is pulled out, it's bottom falls off. It's all rusty and corroded from who knows how long the water has been spraying out of the pipes. Luckily, it had fallen through the floor at an angle, so the rest of the floor didn't get all wet.

Oh, did I mention that most trailers have a water heater door on the outside. Mine doesn't. Nope, that would be too easy! So, the room is all musty and wet from the steam. The area that holds the water heater was sopping wet, with mildew growing on the drywall. He pulls out the flooring (that nasty particle board) and drywall. He couldn't do any more, because it needed to dry out. A fan was turned on to dry it, and he left. I went to work.

When I came home, it was dark...and a cat ran from the front of the trailer to the backyard... and under the trailer. It was Rocky Girl. I called and called to her. Crawled under, but when she figured I was too close, like a rocket, she flew to the back. I hoped she would come to the door to see the other cats, or something, but no.

Today, this guy thought he would have walls and floor finished, with the heater installed. He wasn't finished when I had to run to work for a couple hours. I took a change of clothes and towel/soaps, etc. I took my shower there. Luckily, there is that option! I got home and found that walls and floor are finished, but the heater is still not installed. Hopefully, it will be finished tomorrow. Oh, and I can't find the cat.

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