Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Not for the timid

I wasn't sure if I should show this or not, it's so yucky looking. All this wet, moldy, material was pulled out and replaced with new. It looks beautiful, now, compared to the photo shown.

I do have water. Not hot water, but still, having water is good. The guy checked to see what the problem is - it kept tripping the breaker, but not the little red button on the water heater. It looks like the circuit breaker needs to be replaced. I'm not too unhappy about that, because this place is quite aged. For that particular breaker to have given no problems, until now, is amazing.

Rocky Girl hasn't been captured, yet. She was spotted, under the trailer, at about 2:30, this morning. I have hopes to get her back inside, within the next couple days.

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