Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Oops - a slip of the tongue...

...and you have all the Republican (and their apologists') tongues wagging. Outrage - Crabbi writes about John Kerry's slip that have all the talking heads blabbing. Some explain that he was actually talking about the current administration, but others... even John McCain, go out of their way to pretend to misunderstand so they can blame John Kerry for bashing the troops. You'd think that with the many times Shrub has slipped up, and the media quietly swept it under the rug, they'd do the same for a real veteran. Someone (on radio) said that Kerry's remarks are galvonizing Republicans to get out and vote. Oh, bullcrap. They already realize the predicament they're in. They were already planning on getting out there and voting. Everybody else needs to get out there and vote, too. I'm ready!

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