Sunday, November 05, 2006


The path he chose

Evangelical Dismissed Amid Sex Scandal
...Haggard told reporters he bought meth but never used it; he said he received a massage from Jones after being referred to him by a Denver hotel. Jones said that no hotel referred Haggard and that he advertises only in gay publications...

...Church member Christine Rayes, 47, said the congregation had hoped the allegations "were all lies."

"We all have to move forward now," she said. "This doesn't make what Ted accomplished here any less. The farther up you are, the more you are a target for Satan."..
What interesting reading for a Sunday. By my title, I meant that this is a guy who knew that he had homosexual impulses and followed them (according to his accuser) yet backed an amendment to ban gay marriages. Why deny gay people (taxpayers, at that) the right to be happy with a spouse they can love?

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