Thursday, December 07, 2006


Finally, a chance to watch a movie.

I watched a movie called, Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. It was quite the hilarious movie. Harold and Kumar get high and find they're hungry. A news blurb comes on about a cheetah on the loose. Then an ad for White Castle comes on. They drive to where they thought it was, and find it's been replaced by a different fast-food place. The order guy tells them that there's a White Castle 45 minutes away.

On the way, Kumar has to stop to pee. He leaves the car door open as he heads for the bushes. A raccoon gets in the car. As they drive along, the raccoon attacks Harold. He's afraid he has rabies so they go to the hospital. Somewhere in there, Kumar pulls three bullets out of a patient. On their way, again, they get a flat tire and are towed to the scary tow truck driver's house. He fixes the flat.

From there, they see a hitch-hiker and give him a lift. It happens to be Doogie Howser. While stopped at the Quikee Mart, Doogie steals the car and Harold ends up in jail. Kumar gets him out and they get lost in the woods... but find the cheetah that had escaped from the zoo. That's just the first five minutes. I kid about that, because SO MUCH goes on in this movie. It's fast paced and fun (however, much is based on pot humor). There are some slow moments, but mostly not. What a funny, action-packed, movie. I highly recommend it!

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