Saturday, December 16, 2006



When the tree was first trimmed, I moved a lot of the ornaments to the back. Some of the day co-workers thought it must have fallen down. We'd hear complaints about the tree looking really yucky, and the lights didn't light (I had nothing to do with those). So, I'd move more and more ornaments to the back of the tree. Someone complained, yesterday, saying it wasn't worth having a tree if it didn't look pretty. Last night, X and I moved the ornaments from the back of the tree. X added the message.

A different thought - We complain about the crowds during Christmas shopping because we're not used to so many people out and about.

I stopped at Walmart to pick up something, taking about 20 minutes. In the line ahead of me was a couple who had quite a bit for the 20 or less line. They might have had 19 items. As they left, I noticed one had a backpack. They took their purchases and walked through the parking lot to the bus stop.

As a former bus rider, I know they probably had to wait for the bus to get there. Once on, they'd ride to the main dropoff point, where they'd catch a transfer to get home. I don't know many people who have to use the bus. Next non-bus rider complaining to me about how much time it takes to shop and get home from Walmart is not going to hear much sympathy.

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