Saturday, January 13, 2007


One more for the niece.

My niece looked at a picture (I had painted some years ago) hanging on her mother's wall, and told me she liked that one, a lot. I decided to paint a similar one for her. This is the one for her. I think I might try to lighten the mountains in the middle. They should look more distant. I might leave it as is. This one is a lot darker than the one hanging on her mom's wall, but it's still quite similar. Some time back, I painted a desert picture, with lots of cactus, that I really enjoy. I'm thinking of painting another copy for her wall.
I listened to part of Rush Limbaugh's show, today. I can't believe the people calling in, fawning all over him. Some woman called in stating she was in his "Amazon Brigade". Of course, he had to ask her what she meant. She bragged that she was tall and blond. She said that the male callers from the past week were feminized and they needed to realize why we need to send more troops over to Iraq. She and Rush had a good time gabbing about how "liberal education" makes men feminized, and how she could take those "girly" men, 'cos she was 6 foot tall and blond.

The show was nothing but his usual hate-spewing nonsense. Today, he was beating up on Barbara Boxer because she asked Condoleezza Rice, "who pays the price?" and pointed out that she, herself, wouldn't, because of the ages of her kids, and that CRice didn't have an immediate family, to worry about being sent to Iraq. He also slapped Bill Clinton several times, probably because he wishes he was BClinton. Personally, I think his listeners tune in to hear the continual smack-down of BClinton. All that hatred, from Rush and his ditto-heads, is probably rooted from a very deep jealousy of... you guessed it...Bill Clinton.

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