Saturday, February 03, 2007



Last week, my father was feeling ill and sore. Moaning about his legs hurting, he kept my mother up all night. He didn't like being touched, either, and kept taking the covers. Because they live out in a rural area, the road to their house hadn't been plowed and there was ice under the snow, so my mother was not sure about trying to drive it. The next day, my sister managed to navigate the road and took my father to the hospital. His bloodwork was fine, so the hospital didn't keep him. Next day, he was feeling a little better. The day after that, my mother felt she could leave him at home while she went to the store.

When she came home, he asked her if the dog could jump up on the chair? Usually when she's gone, the dog goes into the carrier until she gets back. Not that day! My father cooked himself a hamburger and put it on the table, then went to another room for a minute. When he got back, his hamburger and the plate were on the floor, and the dog was gobbling up the hamburger. He wasn't happy, but he went to the stove and cooked another hamburger. I guess this will teach him to cook two the first time.
Grey Feather decided planes don't belong in the sky, they belong on the floor. Luckily, there were no passengers.

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