Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Sick of War, any War.

My friend, Faramin, from HUMAN First, then a Proud IRANIAN, left a comment regarding the Whitehouse planning an attack on Iran. In his comment, he linked to an article from BBC News, US 'Iran attack plans' revealed which says the US isn't planning an attack, but just to be sure, there are contingency plans should Iran not stop it's uranium enrichment programs, and from Haaretz, White man's burden which discusses the various neocons (many of them Jewish) who pushed for Iraq war. Both articles make interesting points. I've read other blogs posting about this concern, and I've doubted the US would be ready to war with anyone else, since there's such a mess in Iraq, but after seeing how, even while Afghanistan was still a mess, we insisted on having a second war with Iraq, I believe our warplanners don't know how to complete their messes, instead, only know how to start more. The big question is, besides writing to our representatives and newspapers, what can we do? I have to admit that I am worried.

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