Sunday, March 04, 2007


At least, flame is warm

Forgive me. I haven't been visiting, nor posting much. It's been a rather depressing time...where is that groundhog? The weather turned bleak, again. Snow flurries and cold.... ick! The past week was pretty difficult on people, creatures, and vehicles on a couple major highways, nearby. I didn't really feel like hanging out at the computer... but I remind myself, at least I still can.

I did read a cute short story in the May 2007, Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. Most, if not all the issue was great (including a story by my favorite, Jas R. Petrin!) but this story was most excellent. The story was called, Brimstone P.I., by Beverle Graves Myers, and had a great twist. The main characters were in hell. The devil had to get the private investigator to find out who was committing acts of good. The devil couldn't see the perp, because they were acts of good.

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