Saturday, March 31, 2007


Horsing Around

I was listening to NPR, on Friday, and there was a mention of a race course in Hong Kong. I think the place was called Happy Valley, or some such. Anyway, the guy on the radio said someone placed something, that would shoot darts into a horse, in the ground at the starting gate. They didn't know exactly what it was for, or who placed it there, but there was an ongoing investigation. I wonder if the darts were bad enough to hurt the horse. Otherwise, I could see it being a great panic inducer so the horse might run very quickly out of the gate. No telling how it might place, though, as sometimes they tire quicker when starting off so fast. I'm glad they found it before it was used!
Today was the Coggin's testing clinic that we usually ride my sister's horses to. I've uploaded photos onto another blog, under the post title, Saturday Horse Tail, because this one is loading slowly. I think I've loaded too many photos this month.

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