Saturday, April 07, 2007


Cranky - perhaps, I have Cat Scratch Fever.

Is there some special notice, for microwaves, that you should stop it before it dings, and not turn off the timer? I've noticed it on three different microwaves, in the past couple of days. I walk into a work kitchen, glance at the microwave (they normally tell the time) and see that someone has neglected to reset the timer button. Is that a special electricity saving thing?

And what about those chairs in front of desks and work stations? I've noticed that they are seldom placed in a neat manner, sitting in front of the work station. Instead, they're turned around, or even backed into walking areas.

What about water faucets at a work place. Shouldn't they always be turned off, when not in use? Or is that one of those ideas to keep the pipes from freezing, that I wasn't told about? I realize I'm not paying the bill, but it bothers me to walk into a bathroom, or kitchen, and find water running from the faucet. If that was happening at home, someone would be in trouble!
I'm glad the Iranians freed the British sailors. I've read several articles about the torture they were put through. I realize it was pretty frightful, but I'm glad it wasn't on the same level of torture as many Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo detainees received.

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