Saturday, April 28, 2007



Wednesday, I decided I had a UTI, brought about by mixing medications. Since I have a doctor's appointment already set for next month, I didn't want to bother his office. I bought an over-the-counter medicine and started taking it. I didn't read that you should drink a full glass of water along with the dose. Thursday evening, I took the recommended amount and drank it down with cranberry juice, then I did about 20 minutes of exercise. Right before bedtime, I found myself itching in all sorts of places. Friday, I woke up with a very itchy scalp and nape of the neck. I scratched...and scratched...and scratched. Soon, ugly red wheals showed up. I realized that it was hives (or urticaria), but I'd already taken the dose that morning. All through work, I itched. I finally stopped at a drugstore and bought some Diphenhydramine. It temporarily relieves some of the torment, but not for long.

I had to work today, so I took Diphenhydramine dose in the morning, but didn't remember to bring it along. As the Diphenhydramine wore off, the itching became intense. You don't know how difficult it is to try to answer the phone while scratching! I itched where the pants rubbed on my waist. I itched under my arms, the nape of my neck, my hands and fingers. I itched below the crotch between my thighs, under my breasts, on my butt, on the top of my ears where my glasses handles sit, and on one of my eyelids. It was so bad, I considered going to urgent care. Since I don't know where the place is, I'll wait until tomorrow to see how I feel.

My phlebotomist friend stopped by and I showed her the huge ugly wheals on my beltline. She told me, "dummy, you're not supposed to take the cranberry juice if you have a UTI, you drink it to keep them away." Apparently, the juice and the medication don't mix well. She also said that yogurt helps. I love yogurt, but haven't purchased any for about a month.

By only taking the Diphenhydramine (no other meds), I think I'm getting over the worst. My fingernails no longer hurt as much, and the joint pain in the fingers has subsided. Right now, my butt, upper arms, ears, and eyelid itch the most. The wheals are still there, but not as red. I don't think I'm a very good self doctor, sometimes. As one of my close friends said, "It sucks to be you (meaning me)." Yeah girl, you don't know how much!

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