Thursday, April 12, 2007


She made it just fine.

I got home from work and gave all the cats treats. Once Rocky Girl finished hers, and started to move in on Grey Feather's treats, I picked her up, pet her, and calmly told her that we were going to see her doctor. I took her front paws in one hand, back paws in the other, and lowered her into the cat carrier. I pulled my hands out and closed it. She was so surprised, she didn't start meowing for a minute or two. Once we arrived, the doc said to bring her back to the examining room, and he let her out of the carrier. I cautioned that she was a bit wild. He gave her the three shots, and helped her back into the carrier. Whew! All that worrying for nothing... I told the doc that I had been losing sleep at night because of fears that she would get loose and tear up the place.

The doc said that the worst thing he could remember was the time that a woman set up an appointment for her cat, but didn't use a carrier. She put the cat, loose, into the car and drove to the doc's practice. When she opened the car door, the cat flew out. He didn't think she ever did find her cat. That would totally suck!

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