Monday, May 14, 2007


First river trip of the year.

My cousins and friends invited us on the first kayak trip of the year. The trip was really great.

I had a Little Debbie cake for breakfast, river water for lunch, and river water for an afternoon snack. I think I managed to drink it down fast enough, I didn't notice if it had a good taste. We traveled down the river and saw ducks, snakes, hawks, blue herons, turtles, and a stork. Of course, there were plenty of trees and rocks to look at, too.

There were some areas where the current was going pretty swiftly. I managed to get through several just fine. Then! It happened! My kayak dumped me and turned over. I was pretty worried about my camera and other stuff that was sitting behind my seat. Sure enough, a Diet Mountain Dew can went floating (which was trapped, later, floating along) as did my oars. Luckily, someone caught the oars before they were carried too far. We dumped the water out and I hopped back in.

A mile later, I got stuck on a big rock. I tried to get the kayak loose, and guess what?!? Another dump in the river. I jumped back in and caught up with the others. They hadn't gone very far. They decided we needed to stick around and see how the canoes, behind, would fare. The canoes did just fine. I was the only one that didn't make it through THAT path. Oh, yes. Other people capsized, too, just not there:)
I posted other pictures of the trip, camping and such, on a different blog.

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