Saturday, May 26, 2007


Maybe, I need another nap.

Are you wearing the right shades?
This is one of the questions on one of the pages I open, when I sign on. It goes on to say that if you have a skinny face, you should wear these, and if you have a balloon face, you should wear those. blah blah blah.

Since I wear glasses, I'm quite happy to find sunglasses that will allow me to wear my glasses underneath...and in comfort. I've had the ones that clip on to the frame of the glasses and I've had the ones that go over the glasses. I, recently, bought a pair of sunglasses called Cocoons. They fit over the glasses and they have the most calming color. I think it's the gray green, but I'm not sure.

When I tried those babies on, I said, "These are the ones I want."

The guy said, "There's a mirror over there, if you want to see how they look."

I glanced at the mirror, but the image didn't matter. The minute those sunglasses and my eyes met, they knew. I've worn my sunglasses while kayaking, and couldn't be more pleased. They stayed on (and more importantly, my glasses stayed on) when I tipped, twice, a couple weekends ago. (I bought the safety strap, but forgot to put it on them, at the time). Wearing them while driving improves my vision, in the bright sunshine; no more squinting. I have to admit, I paid more for them than any pair of sunglasses, previously, but they were on sale, half-price.

After reading that question, I started thinking about vanity. You know, I don't care if the shades make my face look fat. Perhaps, it's because my face IS fat! I don't care if they clash with the outfit I'm wearing. Whoopee doo da day! I'm kind of tired of all that bull crap about looks, makeup, fashion, etc... Perhaps it's because I'm no longer young, but I don't recall having such a problem with having to wear the right junk, have the matching purse, covering the bags under my eyes, or covering the blemishes that show, even back when I was a youngster. (I would like to have less tight clothes, but until I lose some weight, that's probably not going to happen).

This fascination with looks seems to be more and more important to people. Why? Can't we all be who we are? I mean, sure, it's nice to see someone wearing clean clothes, but if they don't match, so what! There's a young lady at one of my jobs who wears striped pants and flowered shirt, sometimes. Some comments were made within my hearing. So what! She's clothed, isn't she? Isn't that the important part? That is her style. She doesn't want to conform to the crowd's perception of what is fashion. I salute her.

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