Wednesday, May 02, 2007


R.I.P. Tom Poston.

Yesterday, I read that Tom Poston died. Boy, that name brought back memories of great laughter. The show I loved him most in was Newhart. Poston played George Utley, the handyman, and was one of the many wonderful zany characters that made that show. One of my favorite episodes, 153. One and a Half Million Dollar Man, was the one where Stephanie's rich former boyfriend, Scooter Drake, showed up wanting to purchase a Vermont inn. Joanna showed him several inns for sale, but he ended up wanting the Stratford Inn, and offered them a million five. Dick and Joanna had to think about it. By the time Dick and Joanna decided they wanted to sell, Scooter had already flitted off to his next whim. At the end of the show, Larry, Darryl, and Darryl came in with a huge garbage bag, filled and tied, ready to purchase the inn. They thought the offer had been a million flies. George Utley, of course, was in the background, but added to the general hilarity of the episode.

Just thinking about the show brings to mind many of the different characters. There was Chester and Jim, nutty members of the town council. The big mouthed librarian lady, Kirk, the owner of the next door Minuteman Cafe, and his car-thieving grandmother who showed up in a couple episodes, and of course Michael, who, after he lost his job at the tv station and broke up with Stephanie, became a mime.

Now, that was good television!


The picture, below, and thanks for all excellent the guesses, is of tea in a French coffee press. The grassy texture is of a "white" tea, and the color was from mixing with some usual darker tea. When the press is pulled up, the tea leaves rise, swirl, and fall, creating a really cool effect.

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