Sunday, May 20, 2007


Spent an afternoon at the movies.

I finally got to see Wild Hogs. It was quite a funny movie, but boy, did some parts irritate the crap out of me! 1-Throwing all four cell phones away at the beginning of the trip. 2-Dudley (Macy) putting his crap in a plastic bag, instead of burying it. 3-Dudley agreeing to trade his bike for a cool bike he saw outside the bar and it turns out it wasn't the bike he traded for. 4-Dudley, taped up with duct tape, had to fight like that, instead of someone handing him a pocket knife, or something sharp, to get loose.

The camping scene was pretty weird, especially the burning of the tent. The friend who was sitting next to me sometimes tells me that she doesn't "do" camping. I asked her if that was why? She said, "yup."

The skinny dipping scene was pretty funny. As soon as they're all totally unclothed, the family with kids show up.

The burning of the biker bar was pretty cool, but I kept wishing Woody (Travolta) would tell the others why they needed to ride away, as fast as they could. Shouldn't they be aware of the dangerous biker gang revenge? They ran out of gas because he wanted them to get as far away as possible, when they had been right there at the gas station, Dudley getting ready to fill his tank.

I thought the vulture, walking along with them, stole the scene, as they were pushing their bikes up the hill in the hot desert.

Once they arrived in Madrid, after they scared the people in the cafe, turned out to be a lot of fun. They were lucky enough to arrive at festival time. The things they found to do! Bull slapping was pretty funny. Who knew slapping a dozing bull would be so much fun?

The biker gang showing up in Madrid to wreak havoc was a scene done by The Magnificent Seven, and other great movies of the past, but it worked well in this movie.

The townspeople finally got together to take on the evil biker gang. They had bats, axe, pieces of wood, and other blunt and not so blunt objects. Then... the big man, himself, shows up. Tells the biker gang off. Turns out, he's the daddy of the leader. Nice!

The ending, shown during the credits was a great plus. Extreme Home Makeover rebuilt the bar. I kept waiting for the bikers to say, "Oh, My God!" over and over, like they do on the tv show, but they didn't. Drat!

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