Saturday, June 16, 2007


I'm not going to have to eat cat food this month.

What a pleasant way to spend the morning! If you have to be awake, that is. It all started a couple months ago. One of the newer girls told us about her weekend and how she had to go to a church to pick up her food. "Your food?" we all asked. She explained that she had ordered her food a month ago from something called, "Angel Food Ministries". Then, she had to be at the church, to pick it up, on a specific day.

A day or two later, one of the other girls brought in something she'd printed off the Internet. It told of the menus offered and the prices. We all said we were going to order. Well, we didn't that month, but the next menu came around and I said I was going to order. My good friend, next to me, said she'd like to order one of the specials. There is a main menu you must purchase, $25.00, to order any of the specials (the ones we opted for were $17.00 each). So, I ordered the main menu and a special. I ordered her special while I was at it.

We waited all month. Today was the day! The time, to pick it up, was between 9:00 and 11:00 am. If you don't get there within the time constraints, or make special arrangements, your food becomes a donation to help feed the hungry. So, I took a couple boxes and my clothes basket on over to the church I'd ordered from (I sent check and order form to that address the month before). Because I was pretty early, there were only a couple people, in front of me, waiting to be helped. It looked like there were plenty of people being helped, already, though.

When it was my turn, the lady had a young man (she called him a "walker") who took my laundry basket to load up. He told me it should be big enough; I didn't need the boxes and I could leave them there, or take them with me. I asked if others would be able to use my boxes, and he said, "yes", so I left them there. There was a grouping of tables with volunteers manning (and womanning) each station. Each had an item that went into my basket. It was so well set up, and everyone was so very friendly, it cheered me no end! At the end of the line, my two specials were waiting, already boxed up. Another gentleman picked them up and they carried them out to my car. It was amazing!

I took my friend's special to her, and brought mine home. The specials (chicken items) will have to be cooked, not just microwaved (I usually get stuff that's already cooked). So, I ended up with a Salisbury steak dinner, St. Louis Ribs, chicken tenders, stuffed manicotti, country chicken fried beef steaks, lasagna hamburger helper, pasta salad, pinto beans, sliced frozen carrots, corn, french fries, corn muffin mix, rice, peanut butter, waffles, and peanut butter cookies. The chicken special contained wings, breaded tenders, breaded nuggets, chicken breasts, and breaded frying chicken. "No income restrictions/If you eat, you qualify". They didn't even ask to see my church identification:)
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