Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Absent minded

It finally happened. I can see how it might happen to others. The last post is about silly things we've done. Yesterday was a good day for something really stupid. My brain was thinking of too many things, I guess. I needed to get to the bank, I needed to get coffee, I needed to remember to write down the gas mileage because the gas gauge doesn't work, I needed to get to work. So, I stopped at the station and started gassing the car. I got back in the car to find money, get my cup, and get the pen and paper ready. While I was doing those things, the pump stopped.

I jumped out, entered station, got coffee, and paid the clerk. I got back to the car, got in, and wrote the mileage, date, and how many gallons. I started the car and slowly started moving. A loud clunk! clunk! made me stop and put the car in park. I got out and found I'd forgotten to remove the pump and restore the gas cap on the car. I remedied that. Luckily, I had been going nice and slow.

The pump had fallen to the ground, nothing spewing, nothing broken; a drop of gas on the ground. I put it back in its holder. Closed the cap. Made some inane comment to the open-mouthed guy standing at the other side of the pump. Got in the car and, once again, slowly made my way out of the station. This is the first time its happened and by golly, I was so glad I hadn't torn the darn thing off. It's not going to happen again. Gas up, restore pump and cap, THEN find money, cup, etc.

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