Monday, July 16, 2007


It was a good weekend.

I had to work this past weekend, but I managed to accomplish some things. I took a walk/run at my favorite path. Someone told me that these yellow flowers are coneflowers. They certainly were growing and blooming in great number. After the exercise, I went home and went to bed. I woke around midnight to a beautiful storm raging outside. At least I didn't have to water the plants.

Sunday brought another day of work, then for lunch, I went to Walmart fo pick up cat treats and drugs. I can't tell you what else I got, but I was able to take the refrigerated items into the building and put them in the refrigerator until end of shift. I wish I'd remembered to pick up some ice cream.

Back home, the cats were happy that I thought of them when they noticed the two boxes of cat litter, the big bag of cat food, and the many small bags of treats. Dirty clothes got thrown into the washer and I went to bed. I woke, once again, around midnight... or a little after. Dishes were washed, clothes folded and put away. Yeah, it was a pretty darned good weekend.

Oh, yes, as always, check out the reading material posted at The Practical Press. Heh:)

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