Wednesday, July 04, 2007


$th of July...

I did, indeed, mean to put that $ in the place of 4. Independence Day is a great day for sales. People buy, buy, buy. Gotta celebrate in the normally correct American way, right? Here in America, Celebrate is just another word for Consume.

I'm pissed...can you tell? It started out as such a lovely day.........

When people go to the internet and ask questions about how to do things, such as changing a front signal bulb on a car, they need good directions. These aren't the old cars some might have worked on in the past. No, these cars have a lot more junk to be removed. So, if one has the knowledge to share, it would be best to consider that the asker is totally stupid. Start from the beginning and continue until the end.

This is a real SUCKY answer. What the hell is a "light assay", and if the bulb has one of those little plug-ins (which is what the store manual showed as the replacement bulb), I don't think I'd better turn it. I think the old one should be pulled out, and the new one plugged in.

A better answer. I can follow this. In fact, I did... except I can't get the light out. I lift it up and the little rod pulls out of the catch, but the whole thing won't move out. The signal cover seems to be molded onto the light cover (which it probably is). If I take a hammer to it, I'm sure something would break. I'm sure it would be pretty darned expensive, too. Probably a lot more than the shop would charge, and while they're at it, they can check and see if anything else needs topping off or changing.

An even better answer. So, since I was afraid of breaking the whole thing, the bulb didn't get changed. Now, one of the many answers (not linked here) said, "Clue; check your Owner's Manual". That's a real pissy answer. Don't you think I'd have checked the damned Owner's Manual if I knew where it was? In fact, I took it out of the car, THIS year, but don't rightly recall where it is.

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