Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Another picture from the park.

I could hear the little beasties running through the woods. I wasn't quite afraid, but you never know. I took this beautiful picture of the tall grass on the edge of the trail. I wondered if there just might be lions or tigers about. I didn't see any, but, again, you never know.
I saw an article about a suite costing $30,000.00 a night to rent. Darn! If people have that much money to spend, I wish they'd offer to help me out by paying for the four brand-spanking-new tires I just bought for my car.

Not that I figure they would... but, boy-oh-boy, what a difference new tires make. MMMmmmm! I must have knocked the old ones out of balance, some time ago. I never thought about getting them rotated, either. I thought I needed struts and shocks, but when I took the car to my mechanic's shop, several months ago, they told me the problem was from my tires. They didn't charge me for looking at the car... and they were right, about the problem!

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