Friday, August 31, 2007


FCB - Look into my eyes....

The other evening, after I'd gone to bed, Grey Feather jumped from the bed to the dresser, where she lay down to watch over me. I noticed nothing to differentiate that night from any other. A couple minutes later, coming to full wakefulness, I realized the cat walking over the pillow was Grey Feather. She lay down next to my head. I pet her while she looked at me searchingly. Several minutes later, she walked down the bed about a foot.

She lay down, pointing her head upward, toward mine. I pet her, and again, she watched me, searchingly. From what I could see, in the darkness, she would look at me and look at the blankets, very alertly. This happened, several times.

Finally, she stuck her paws under my side, catching the sheet with her claws. She stopped. With a jolt of alarm, I realized there might be a spider under me. I quickly stuck my arm under me and swept whatever I might have been laying on, away.

I felt something. I grabbed it with my hand. With a startled jump, my mind tried to figure out what this was. Then, I realized. It was soft, very soft and light.

I realized it was a fake mouse skin with the tail gone (Cotton ate that a long time ago) and the insides gone (I'm sure I stepped on it some time back). I gave it to Grey Feather who played with it, happily, until they both fell off the bed.

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